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Kate C.

Hello family and friends!


I'm taking another stab at this whole travel blog thing. I know I have failed miserably in the past, but this go-around I'm confident in having better access to the interwebs.


This site will be a fun way send updates about my work and travels through photo albums, videos, and journal entries. Feel free to respond with messages or reply to anything I have posted!


What Am I Doing?

As a MPH student focusing on International Health at BU, I have to complete both a practicum - health care work abroad - and the interestingly named 'Culminating Experience' (CE) - mine will be a research policy memo. 


I have decided to do my practicum through BU's five week intensive Health Care Monitoring & Evaluation course in Kimana, Kenya, with 25 classmates. Afterwards, I will be spending five more weeks gathering data for my CE research paper in Lusaka, Zambia, while assessing the pharmaceutical/counterfeit drug market as my professor's research assistant. And of course, after hard work comes playtime - I'll be off to Tanzania with some friends (try) to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro and then relax on the beaches of Zanzibar.


May 20-June 30: Kenya

July 1- August 7: Zambia

August 8-August 25: Tanzania -- Mt. Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar

August 26: Home sweet home


Soooo what?

So thanks for checking in when you do, and I hope you enjoy the stories and are having a great summer!


Elena Richardson May 13 2010
Sounds awesome Kate! I'll be in Lusaka June 26 - July 26. Victoria Falls is on! I'm also going to have some freedom in August - if you weren't doing a crazy hike I'd totally join you... ;)
Kate Cerwensky May 14 2010
There's always Zanzibar!
Donna Cerwensky May 23 2010
Kate, finally, I think I have this down. Watch those shifty Kenyan men!
Tom Taylor May 26 2010
How is the camera working out? Do you have enough food?
Kate Cerwensky May 26 2010
Hey! The camera has been AWESOME! My pictures are pretty incredible... so thanks for the help! As for food, we are crazy spoiled at the compound. Email coming in a hot sec...
Bryce Cerwensky Jul 15 2010
Kate -
So far truly amazing...and not to mention busy. Keep up the excelent photog.
Doru Droscaru Aug 27 2010
The best trip so far! Thank you Kate for sharing!
Kate Cerwensky Aug 27 2010
That's quite the compliment, Doru, thanks! And thanks for the site, my family and friends greatly appreciated it :)

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