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Alina S.
Dimi P.

We sailed between the Grenadines Islands, we snorkeled, we saw flying fish, we slept under the stars. My favorite day: my birthday spent in Tobago Cays.

Razvan Mociani Oct 1 2008
Wow, every time I view these pictures, I feel like going back again and again...I set my watch to "island time" and forget about (almost) everything.
Yey -- more pictures!!! Thanks!
Dimi Paun Oct 1 2008
Should we invite the other guys on the boat as well?
Razvan Mociani Oct 1 2008
I think I saw that Scottish (or is he Irish) fellow teaching a ground lesson to some would be kayakers at the small place beside the yachting club downtown
Razvan Mociani Jun 23 2010
Dimi Paun Jun 24 2010
Bis! :) Hey, I still think we can maybe one day do one by ourselves...

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