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A couple of weeks in East Africa chasing big game with a camera.

We're not going to forget this one soon. We've seen more animals than on the Discovery channel :)

Mihai Popa Jul 26 2008
uff...more work :)
Mihai Popa Jul 26 2008
Dimi Paun Jul 26 2008
Nice journal! A few pictures in each entry would tie the story with the pics a bit better, I think.
Mihai Popa Jul 26 2008
I agree....
Stephani Klibo Feb 22 2009
These pictures are pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing these with me!
Mihai Popa Feb 22 2009
Glad you liked them:). I was actually thinking about uploading some more, I've just been very lazy...
Mihai Podgoreanu Mar 23 2009
I loved this trip and getting to 'meet' your girl. Very nice.

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