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Release 1.8.28

Monday, December 21st, 2009

We’ve been working quietly for the last little while, so we feel it’s time for an update.

We managed to simplify a lot the geotagging process. Since we all use the slideshow to view the pictures, the easiest way to geotag would be to just drag the picture - or a bunch of pictures - over the map inside the slideshow.

And that’s what we did. Check it out, it’s very cool.

The slideshow has two modes, the “show one picture” and the “show all pictures”. The geotagging feature works for both of them:

  • in “show one picture” mode, just open the map and drag & drop the thumbnails from the left hand side column;
  • in “show all pictures” mode use the Manage pictures menu to enable select/multiple-select so you can drag & drop pictures over the map.

The Manage pictures menu also features an enhanced Delete functionality so you can multiple-select pictures to delete. This makes it much easier to delete a bunch of pictures at once, which comes in handy when someone uploads by mistake the wrong pictures.

We plan to release new features that will fit great under the Manage picture menu. Stay tuned!

And last, but not least, the obligatory eye candy:

Release 1.8.18

Monday, August 24th, 2009

We’ve been working hard on the new slideshow:

  • Integrated map: you can now see geotagged pictures in all their glory along with their position on the map;
  • Information box: find out how a picture was taken such as aperture, exposure, or camera model;
  • Easy download: want your own copy of the picture? Now you can easily get the original pictures, in bulk or individually;
  • Share pictures: send pictures to your friends right from within the slideshow;
  • The usual set of smaller fixes and improvements.
Geotagged picture shown on map
Extra picture information, including photography data
Share pictures with your friends
Easily download a bunch of pictures to your computer