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Release 1.7.8

Monday, December 15th, 2008

What’s new this release:

  • Re-design of the Home page! New users will also see a much improved version of this page.
  • My Friends and My Trips have also got a minor facelift to keep up with the new Home.
  • Access passes to private trips. Now users can request permission to see a trip otherwise private. More below.
  • Privatized trip names. By popular demand you can now hide even the trip name for really secret trips.
  • Trips are now smarter and can infer the start/end of the trip automagically from the dates you enter in the itinerary.
  • Requests that pertain to a trip are now distributed to all editors, not just the owner as before, so that everybody can pitch in.
  • The first version of the itinerary flyby (a.k.a trip animation) is out!
  • And last but not least more feedbacks have been addressed.

Access passes

Here is the obligatory eye-candy detailing how you can request a pass to a trip:

We are very excited about this release, we hope you’ll enjoy it too. We have big plans for the immediate future, so stay tuned!



Trip animation is here!

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

As some of you may have noticed a new link has been added on Trip cover pages for trips with Itineraries.

The new link (”Itinerary flyby”) takes you to the new Trip animation page.  The first time you go to any trip animation, you will be prompted to install the Google Earth plugin.  If you do (and we strongly encourage you to!!) you will get to see an animation of your trips in 3D!!  If you elect not to install the plugin, you will still be able to see an animation of the trips but only in 2D.

We have not made any official announcements about the animation feature yet as we are wrapping up a couple of Todo items for it, but it is unofficially available so enjoy!!  We’d love to hear some feedback!

If you are into cycling, you can check out some of the Cycling Tour itineraries I already setup (Tour de France 2009 , Tour Down Under 2009, Giro d’Italia 2009 ), some good training rides at some of the training camps I have gone to in the past (Georgia , Arizona ), as well as some other epic rides I have done (summitting Haleakala in my Maui, Hawaii 2007 trip ) and some notable races I participated in (Poland, 2008 )

I’ll be adding more of the big Tours in the near feature so stay tuned!!


Release 1.7.6

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

What’s new in this release:

  • Faster loading of images, especially in the picture dialog. You should see most improvements when zooming in.
  • Twice as fast upload in “Full resolution” mode.
  • Several more feedbacks were addressed
  • Nicer looking flyby, but we haven’t quite announced this feature, so I’ll stop here…

We are hard at work on two important new features, we hope to have news for you in about a week’s time.

Until next time,